The Peripheral, Prime Video’s upcoming adaption of William Gibson’s best-selling sci-fi novel of the same name, is set to debut on October 21, and The Peripheral Activation at New York Comic-Con 2022 had a lot of potential to immerse visitors in the futuristic world of the series starring Chloë Grace Moretz and Jack Reynor. Unfortunately, the result wasn’t quite as 3D as the print shop promised.

The booth design is fantastic, with the Forever Fab 3D print shop storefront appearing as if you are in a strip mall and will soon be receiving top-notch customer service in the year 2032 (when the story is set). The reception area looks extremely similar to the location on the show, complete with front desk and examples of the amazing 3D print options you can order. You even hear the printers working in the background. 


Once inside the print room, more friendly staff awaits, showing options available and allowing you to explore the room. It is here you receive a fanny pack and lime candies with an expiration date of…you guessed it…2032. By the way, there are surveillance cameras everywhere, making you feel as if you are definitely being watched by someone the entire time. 

In the far corner is Flynne’s (Moretz) headset from the show that launches her into unexpected and frightening future territory. One lucky visitor got to try it on and of course, the weirdness begins but it only lasts for a few seconds before you are shuffled into the final area where you are essentially shown a quasi-trailer for the show. On the way out, you can scan a QR code that sends you to the fictional print shop’s website. 


While the concept was kind of cool and definitely reflected elements of the series, there was a lot of build-up for a super-fast climax. I would have liked a little more tension and creepiness when the headset was pulled out and placed on an unsuspecting guest, but I understand that we can’t spend all day in there when there’s a line outside wrapping around the exhibit floor. 

But the fanny pack is super cute!


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