We’re three months out from New York Comic Con, scheduled for October 4-7, 2018.
Most of us here at The Beat are slowly getting into that special mindset required for Comic-Con in San Diego, except for me. I’ll be a Designated Survivor, ensconced at a secret location here in NYC, scanning the newsfeeds while Comic-Carnival is underway in California.

New York Comic Con is my San Diego. It’s got the crowds, the guests, the exhibitors, and a better Artist Alley. Also, no Hotelween. But, as big as it’s gotten, it has had to shrink a little onsite, as the Javits Center is in the process of being expanded and upgraded, requiring demolition of the North Hall, home of Artist Alley and the best restrooms. (I covered the announcement and proposed spaces back in January 2016.) Current projected cost: $1.5 Billion.

I attended BookExpo and BookCon in early June, and took a stroll around the Center, camera in hand.
Here’s the photo update, with commentary.

This is the view to true north, near 38th Street. The brick building on the right is one of the ventilation shafts for the Lincoln Tunnel, which runs directly beneath this lot, requiring some clever engineering during construction.
You can see the north end of the Javits Center on the far left. This view is of what used to be the big red connecting corridor to Artist Alley. That corridor was directly over the tunnel, which is why the walk was so long to the North Hall.
As can be seen from this calendar, construction is still in the “excavation” stage. Final completion? 2021.
This is the view from the south side of the ventilation building. In the background can be seen the companion tower, which causes Hall A to zigzag at the back.
The empty site, as seen from 39th Street. In 2009, Google Street View showed a similar view.
The view to the west. In the foreground, the NYPD parking lot. The twin buildings in the distance are the ventilation shafts located on the shoreline, near the ferry terminal.
The view eastward. Eventually, this side of Eleventh Avenue will feature a row of skyscrapers (with a few hotels?)
The view south. The angled building on the left is 30 Hudson Yards, near the subway station.
The view from the middle of the block, showing the new mechanical shed.
The seldom seen north wall of the Javits Center. (Look at all that advertising space!)
The view east from Twelfth Avenue. Rebar and early foundation work is underway! On the left, the MTA New York City Transit – Michael J Quill Bus Depot.
…and one last look, from Twelfth Avenue, through the loading docks, Hall 1B, and, far in the distance, the red entrance doors and sunlight.