Would you believe there’s a Captain America digital sale on the Fourth of July?

Here are the links on Amazon and on Comixology.  This is a fairly eclectic mix of books, so let’s go through and look at some of the more notable ones.

What you’re probably supposed to be reading on the 4th, out of this mix, is Captain America by Jack Kirby: Bicentennial Battles.  That’s the second collection from Kirby’s 70s run that features a treasury edition themed for the Bicentennial.  (Mind you, I think this year, Kirby’s first 70s arc: Madbomb is the Cap to read this 4th.  The Elite conspire to take over the country using a bomb that causes everyone in range to lose their minds and fight each other.  Yes, it reads a LOT differently today than it did in ’76.  Alas, it’s not on sale right now.)


Captain America: To Serve and Protect is first arc from the second Mark Waid and Ron Garney run.

The Captain is really the famous arc where Steve Rogers steps down as Captain America and the government installs John Walker (later USAgent) as his his replacement.  They could use a more descriptive title for this collection.

Invaders Classic is the adventures of Cap, Namor, the Human Torch and company in WWII.  Lots of Nazis get punched, including a Nazi Vampire.  The first volume is the better of the two and contains the particularly notable first appearance of the aforementioned vampire, Baron Blood.


  1. That’s a capital ‘E’ on the Elite is it? Kirby’s book sounds like one of Trump’s mad fantasies (and that’s only one reading

  2. Bicentennial Battles is both wacky and inspiring. Impossible to imagine anyone but Kirby writing it. Recommended.

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