At Sunday’s She-Ra and the Princesses of Power panel at New York Comic Con, DreamWorks announced that the animated series will return to Netflix sooner than expected. Despite teasers that hinted at a Christmas release, She-Ra S4 debuts Nov. 5 — with 13 brand new episodes.

[Mild spoilers ahead!]

In addition to a new haircut for Glimmer and a new outfit for Catra, the new season will also feature new characters. Showrunner Noelle Stevenson told the audience, “I promise, you’re gonna love them.”

Scorpia will also go on an emotional journey this season and get her own special episode. Plus, there will be an episode starring Bow and “the lads,” whom Stevenson described as “absolute units.”

Finally, the panel showed a brief teaser, which features a voiceover from Razz, a character we haven’t seen since the first season. In the teaser, she says, “She-Ra is not a sword. She-Ra is you.” The teaser gives a glimpse of Glimmer’s coronation (which is interrupted by Swiftwind, according to panel attendees who saw the first S4 episode), Hordak standing against a backdrop of flames, and more.

Stay tuned for a full panel write-up from The Beat‘s Amanda Steele! In the meantime, check out the She-Ra S4 teaser trailer below.