If there’s one creator who epitomizes the heart and soul of the DC Universe it’s Geoff Johns. In the year since the first issue of Doomsday Clock was released, quite a bit has happened for Johns, most notably stepping down as DC’s Chief Executive Officer to refocus his efforts on writing not only DC comics but also film such as Green Lantern. If anyone can do GL justice it’s Johns!

The Beat is live at Johns’ DC Spotlight panel so be sure to refresh this page to keep up to the date on the latest developments!


-A man who needs no introduction but moderator Tiffany Smith introduces anyway

-Johns shows some footage of Hawk & Dove from TITANS, characters he’s been a fan of since Liefeld mini

-Johns wants a live action Nightwing, potentially hinting at seeing Robin become him in TITANS show

-Johns wrote the Doom Patrol ep calling them a support group or the “Addams Family of DC Comics”

-Johns blown away being involved in TV casting like getting former Bond actor Timothy Dalton as the Chief

-The last issue of Stargirl sold only 5,000 copies, so its means a lot to Johns to see character inspired by his late sister in such a prominent role

-James Robinson is on staff for STARGIRL show as producer and writer

-STARGIRL is slated for 13 eps with Johns writing pilot

-Expect legacy characters on STARGIRL like Wally West, and JSA members Wildcat and Hourman

CORRECTION The above characters are not confirmed for STARGIRL but simply examples of legacy characters mentioned by Johns

-Johns describes STARGIRL as a throwback to 80’s movies like BACK TO THE FUTURE or KARATE KID

-They’re building a 15 foot S.T.R.I.P.E. robot for the show as they continue casting for Pat Dugan, Stargirl’s stepfather

-Johns has a “no phone rule” when he runs his writers room

-The actor who plays Jason Todd in TITANS asked if he should hit somebody with a crowbar in a scene, Death in the Family ref

-Ryan Potter who plays Beast Boy  auditioned for Tim Drake for the defunct script for Batman project he and Ben Afleck wrote

-Now playing AQUAMAN 5 minute video Warner Bros released earlier today

-Huge reaction from audience seeing Black Manta and Aquaman sporting his classic orange and green look

-It’s rewarding for Johns to see AQUAMAN movie when people told him he was wasting his time when he wrote book for New 52

-SHAZAM! movie is something Johns has wanted but only got traction when New Line became involved

-New SHAZAM! book is continuation of work he and Gary Frank did with the character

-Shazam has a Rolodex of powers and new abilities

  • Sivana and Mr. Mind will appear

-Johns describes SHAZAM! as if Roald Dahl wrote a comic




-Artist Jason Fabok who’s drawing BATMAN: THREE JOKERS joins Johns on stage

-THREE JOKERS is three issues in prestige format as part of Black Label imprint















-Fabok is proud of every page and feels that Johns has come up with ultimate Batman/Joker story

-Three main characters are Batgirl, Batman, and Jason Todd the 3 characters Joker has hurt the most

-Hoping for a timeless feel despite being in current continuity

-Showing off some art

-Brian Bolland/Killing Joke, 60’s Joker, Original Joker described by Johns as Edward G. Robinson Joker

-1989 Batman film and work of Anton Furst influenced Fabok’s design

-Tons of Easter Eggs for Bat fans according to Fabok

-New Batmobile design influenced by Batman 1989 film and Bolland’s KILLING JOKE version


-Issue 10 covers shown featuring Nathaniel Dusk and young Carver Coleman reading ALL STAR COMICS #3 with Doctor Manhattan as a member of the JSA

Doomsday Clock #9 Cover A
Doomsday Clock #9 Cover B
Doomsday Clock #10 Cover A
Doomsday Clock #10 Cover B


















-Johns first asked to work with Fabok on JUSTICE LEAGUE by calling him at midnight after getting his phone number from Twitter




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