By Deanna Destito 

After a successful Kickstarter for volume 1, the anthology Always Punch Nazis by Ben Ferrari and Silas Dixon will get a second volume, and writer Matt Miner (GWAR, Poser) is ready to share his personal story about why punching Nazis and stopping hate are critical.  

“My story is about my experiences in the ‘90s about how I literally punched Nazis until they left the pit,” Miner explains. “It’s told in the style of Scott McCloud’s Creating Comics and Understanding Comics books where he’s a character narrating the story. So it’s going to be very cool.” 

Miner believes that books such as this are important in today’s political climate especially regarding the controversial perspectives dividing comic fans and creators on social media lately. 

“There’s this resurgence of right wing nationalism,” Miner says shaking his head. “I’m a little surprised I haven’t gotten more hate because I’m so outspoken on politics.” 

On a lighter note, Miner’s GWAR (with co-writer Matt Maguire) is also getting a second installment.  

GWAR was one of those bucket-list comics that I wanted to make,” the writer shares. “So I got the GWAR book through Dynamite and we’re just in the process of announcing the second book, which will be a graphic novel through Renegade Arts Entertainment. It’s a Rashomon-style story where each character tells the event through their eyes and it’s wildly different every time. We have a different art team for each perspective.”  

The artists include some familiar names from the first book along with Gwar fans such as Matt LeJeune, Liana Kangas, Kelly Williams, and many more. Jonathan Brandon Sawyer will be the cover artist.  


Gwar fans can pre-order the book by visiting Miner’s table in Artist Alley at NYCC or through the upcoming Renegade Arts Entertainment page dedicated to the project. 


  1. The mantra of the extreme left. If you don’t agree with someone, call him and Nazi and use physical violence against him.

  2. The mantra of the extreme right: If you don’t agree with someone, say it’s a left-wing conspiracy being done as revenge for Trump’s election, on behalf of the Clintons. Works especially well if you’re a Supreme Court nominee.

  3. No, the mantra of the extreme right, as here, is to scream for anyone not like you to be raped, tortured, and killed, and then react with horror when they react to you as the physical threat to them that you are.

  4. The extreme right also enjoys depicting victims of sexual assault as a “radical left-wing mob” that has been paid by George Soros (i.e., paid by the “Jewish-controlled media”).

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