January 2019 will see Spider-Man swing out yet again into a new ongoing series, the poor mite, albeit in the capable hands of writer Tom Taylor and artist Juann Cabal. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man will be focused on “the micro” and the down to earth parts of Spider-Man’s life, rather than the epic city-threatening plots you might see in the other series.

Cabal has a fair bit of experience working with Taylor, as the pair were previously the creative team for All-New Wolverine, which we all still wish was going alongside this new title. In addition, colorist Nolan Woodard will be swinging across to this new title as well, making this quite the Wolverine reunion.

Not much is known about the series yet, but over at Marvel’s website Taylor said:

I’ve always loved when Peter Parker is at his most relatable. Sure, he’s a guy who saves the world, but he’s still struggling to pay his bills with his housemates. That’s the heart of the series.

So expect to see a lot of scenes where he looks down the back of his couch for spare change. The series starts in January.