Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter are going back to Barry Allen’s origins, for a canonical story in 2019 which is called “The Flash: Year One”.

Obviously the “Year One” branding is well-known to fans, and immediately evokes the hugely well-regarded “Batman: Year One” miniseries. Here we’ll again be seeing a hero start to understand his limits, although this time that means trying to work your way through superhero powers and how they might work. Two teaser images were released alongside the announcement, including one which shows Barry working through… quite a lot of sneakers.

Williamson and Porter have been the creative team on the central Flash series for a while now, and I’m not sure if this is storyline will take place within that series or if it will stand alone as a miniseries alongside the main run. We’ll find out more either in 2019, or if someone updates me in the comments!