By Amanda Steele

Editor-in-Chief of Marvel C.B. Cebulski held a panel at New York Comic Con on Saturday morning. In the panel, he talked about how he first got into comics and talked about what makes Marvel so successful. The panel also featured a long Q & A where he encouraged fans to ask questions about the direction of Marvel comics and tell their stories about getting into comic books. 

About becoming the editor-in-chief and his excitement to be working with Marvel Cebulski said he was honored to be working with, “best characters, the best creators, the best team of editors… to drive forward this universe, this marvel tapestry” and emphasized that Marvel strives to be “by fans, for fans.” He also said his three favorite things are Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars, so it sounds like he’s in his dream job. 

Cebulski talked about being a kid and hating to get his hair cut, but when he started buying and reading comic books from the store next to his barber shop, he started to love getting his hair cut. This was how he got into comics.  

Cebulski also talked about Marvel’s success, nothing that they stand out because their superheroes are heroes, not just super. He said, “we’re really telling stories about Peter Parker, about Tony Stark, about Steve Rogers” and talked about how Marvel stories are so successful because their characters have heart.  

Fans had questions about how the different mediums of Marvel connect, and Cebulski noted that the movies can influence the comics and vice versa. But, he noted that The comics branch of Marvel is still the heart and creative center. 

He also touched on demographic shifts of Marvel comic readers noting that 50 percent of readers are now female and how Marvel is trying to make more strides to tell diverse stories with diverse characters. 

Attendees also got a special treat and received a variant edition of Tony Stark Iron Man volume 4.


  1. Darn. If I knew about this, I would have gone and asked him what Akira Yoshida is up to and if we can expect any more terrible comics from him.

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