It was a full day of activity at the first day of New York Comic Con.

Some quick observations:

• The new Artist Alley in Hall B seems to be a hit. It’s got strong AC, wide aisles and good crowds. Artists were happy with strong sales and buyers roamed the aisles overwhelmed by the variety. This is really the best Artist Alley in the US.

• Sadly it is not just a rumor: PATH trains will not be running this weekend.

• The most buzz: Bendis’s new Wonder Comics mini imprint and the She-Ra reboot with Noelle Stevenson show running.

• I didn’t get too much chance to roam the floor as I had a pretty tight schedule the first day. Multiple Beat writers have fanned out over the show however, and we’re going to get lots of impression as we continue.

• But I did have good times catching up with so many people, including Cheryl Lynn Eaton, Meg Downey, Blerdgirl, Charles Pulliam-Moore, Jann Jones, Rob Salkowitz and Eunice Verstegen, Cully Hamner, and so many more. Apologies to those forgotten!

• Snyder/Johns reunion!

• Everyone likes Common.

• Neil Gaiman made a surprise appearance at the Good Omens pop-up.

• The panel on comics readership went vey well (I thought anyway) with Nazeli Kyuregyan, Terry Nantier, Karen Green, Chris Thompson and Jen King talking about the influx of readers in comics over the last 20 years, and what needs to be done to get even more people reading. King, of Space Cadets Collection mentioning that one of the entry level books she recommends is God Country. She sells it with a money back guarantee and no one has ever returned it. 

• I’m told there will be more announcements at the Humanoids panel today.

• The bathroom situation is still a bit tense. Ladies room lines had very long waits. The lines were shorter at the gender neutral bathroom, and when I hopped in for a go there were women, men, a baby and a tree.

• Given the bathroom situation I strongly advise not eating the probiotic gummies that are being given away by the escalator to Artist Alley.