Exclusives. Getting a hand on them can be some of the most exciting (and most infuriating) parts of conventions. New York Comic Con is definitely not lacking in exclusive merchandise. I winnowed the exhaustive list of exclusives merch at the show to the 10 coolest exclusives you’ll find inside the walls of the Javits Center at NYCC 2017.

SAGA – Hazel and Izabel Action Figure Two-Pack (Skybound – $40)

Raise your hand if Izabel is your favorite character in Saga outside of Lying Cat. Following up on the successful Saga action figure two-pack from last year is this two figure set. Izabel is cast in all her intestines falling out of her t-shirt glory. You can find this on the Skybound side of the Image Comics booth.

One:12 Collective Wolverine Action Figure (Mezco – $80)

Mezco has a few NYCC exclusives this year, but the one that shines above them all in Wolverine in his yellow and blue tiger stripe glory. The figure sports 3 different head portraits, Ogun’s mask, 8 different hands, 30 points of articulation and a cloth outfit.

Say Utini Action Figure by Buzzard Guts (DKE – $45)

Combining Say Anything and Star Wars is this custom Say Utini action figure. Guys, it’s a jawa holding a boombox over his head in a custom Say Anything inspired bubble card. It’s limited to 30, but it’s really limited to 29 because one of these is definitely coming home with me.

John McClane vs the Glass Action Figures (DKE)

Fans of artist Scott C.’s The Great Showdowns should be excited to see this latest action figure rendition of of one of his showdowns. Easily one of the best showdowns is Die Hard’s John McClane vs. the glass. The packing looks so stellar with art by Scott C, that I’m tempted to keep this one mint on card. And if you haven’t checked out The Great Showdowns yet, be sure to hit up Scott’s table in Artist Alley and pick up a copy!

Game of Thrones Titans Night King and White Walker 2-Pack (Titan)

Titan always seems to bring it with their choices for their NYCC exclusives and this year is no exception. What could be more topical than a Night King and White Walker 2-pack? Did I mention that it includes an icy javelin?! RIP Viserion.

Batman #51 Cover Metal Print (Greg Cappullo)

Available exclusively at artist Greg Capullo’s table in Artist Alley is this metal print of his artwork to the cover of Batman #51. Greg only printed up 50 of these. I’m guessing they will be gone before the end of the day on Thursday.

Karate Puft (LootCrate – $30)

So this is what happens when you cross the streams of Ghostbusters and Karate Kid, you get an awesome statue of the Staypuft Marshmallow Man all set-up to execute a crane kick. Plus, if you pay with a MasterCard, you get a free SuperEmoFriends Ghostbusters t-shirt!

Lockjaw Stuffed Figure (Toys R Us – $24.99)

Available at Toys R Us’s Fan Vault on the New York Comic Con show floor, this 12″ stuffed Lockjaw figure has me more excited or this toy than the actual Inhumans TV show.

Skottie Young Spider-Man Plush Toy (ReedPop – $20)

How do you make one of Skottie Young’s baby Marvel superheroes more adorable? Make a stuffed animal out of it. Every Spider-Fan needs to hanging above their desk at work. A suction cup lets the most adorable Spidey toy ever hang from a web line.

Alex Ross Wonder Woman Lithograph (ReedPop – $50)

When it comes to photo realistic paintings of superheroes, Alex Ross is the master. Mr. Ross will be premiering a few exclusives at NYCC, but the one that really caught my eye was this Wonder Woman lithograph. The hero has her bulletproof bracelets defiantly raised as she stares down the viewer. That stark white background reminds me of the full length, life sized DC superhero posters Alex Ross made years ago. Wonder Woman looks fierce here.

Did I miss an exclusive that you think belongs on the list? Let me know in the comments below!


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