As we’ve mentioned here a few times, the Harvey Awards are on hold this year while they transition from being held at Baltmore Comic-Con to moving to  New York Comic Con. But there will be Harvey related activity this year: A reception is being held Saturday at Hudson Mercantile, and the late Darwyn Cooke and manga-ka master Hiro Mashima (Fairy Tail) will be feted there. Cooke will be industed into the All of Fame and Mashima will be attending to be presented with  the first Harvey Awards International Spotlight award.

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On Saturday, October 7th, the Harvey Awards Committee will celebrate the late Darwyn Cooke and honor his life and legacy. Over the course of his 31-year career, Cooke amassed eight Harvey Awards across four different categories for his notable comic books including: DC: The New Frontier, The Spirit, Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter and Richard Stark’s Parker: The Outfit. Accepting the award on his behalf will be Cooke’s wife Marsha Cooke and fellow Marvel and DC Comics artist Adam Kubert.

The reception will also feature Japanese mangaka Hiro Mashima as the Harvey’s International Spotlight guest, in recognition for his renowned work as the creator of Fairy Tail, the long-running manga serial that concluded this year. Original work from both Mashima and Kurtzman will be on display.

Additional special guests will include Harvey Kurtzman’s daughter, Nellie Kurtzman, and Global Head of ReedPOP Lance Fensterman.

“We are honored to celebrate Darwyn Cooke’s life and art with this year’s Hall of Fame award as he made such an impact on the industry,” said Nellie Kurtzman. “New this year, is our spotlighting an international comic creator and we are privileged to have Hiro Mashima in attendance. Celebrating the comics arts by respecting legends like Darwyn Cooke and Hiro Mashima is what the Harvey Awards are all about. We are looking forward to having a wonderful Harvey Awards reception this year.”

The Harvey Awards, which celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2018, honors achievement in comic books across more than 20 categories and represents one of the industry’s largest annual events. The Harveys have long recognized comic book excellence – honoring industry professionals including artists, writers, letterers, editors, and designers. Named after Harvey Kurtzman, the late famed comic genius who is best remembered for creating MAD, the Harveys are returning to the birthplace of comics and the lifelong home of Kurtzman himself– New York City.

“We are thrilled to host such an iconic award show during one of the biggest comic events of the year, New York Comic Con,” said Lance Fensterman, Global Head of ReedPOP. “We are even more excited to honor the life and work of the late great Harvey Kurtzman here in his hometown, while celebrating the industry’s best work.”

The 2017/2018 Harvey Awards Committee is chaired by Nellie Kurtzman along with noted industry veterans John Lind and Chip Mosher. For more information about Harvey Kurtzman and the Harvey Awards, please visit the Harvey Awards social media pages (Facebook and Twitter).

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