636114854879456955-spidermanReported this afternoon by USA Today, Marvel and Disney XD are teaming up to create another Spider-Man series, this time focused on his earliest days as a superhero.

The new series, entitled Marvel’s Spider-Man, is headed up by story editor Kevin Schinick (Robot Chicken) and supervising director Philip Pignotti (Marvel’s Avengers Assemble).

Marc Buhaj, Senior VP of Programming and General Manager for Disney XD shared his thoughts on the new project, which focuses on teenage Peter Parker, learning the old “with great power, comes great responsibility” chestnut:

“Spider-Man is the biggest action hero in the world. He is an iconic character whose duality makes him both relatable and aspirational for the Disney XD audience,”… He promises “a fresh take on a beloved classic that will engage both new and existing Spidey fans with its compelling drama, exciting action and the signature sense of comedy.”

The current airing series on the channel, Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man, will end its four-season run in January, as this new show is being timed to hit the airwaves in time for Spider-Man: Homecoming.