The Comics Beat is live at the New York Comic Con Main Stage and the crowd is wild!  It’s not quite Hall H proportions, but the Main Stage is by far the largest panel room at NYCC, which makes it the perfect place to show off Netflix’s and Marvel’s IRON FIST.  The followup to the recently released LUKE CAGE, we’re here to give you your first look at the series.

The panel tonight is hosted by Jeff Loeb. Guests at the panel include executive producer Scott Buck, Finn Jones (Danny Rand), Jessica Stroup (Joy Meachum), Tom Pelphrey (Ward Meachum), Rosario Dawson (Claire Temple), David Wenham (Harold Meachum), and Jessica Henwick (Colleen Wing).

The panel opened with a video recapping the prior three netflix Marvel series.  What followed was a series of cryptic teasers including a door being kicked, some axes, and Danny Rand stepping into a chamber of some sort.  The Iron Fist logo and the release date 3.17.17 followed.

The cast of the show finished filming the final scene of IRON FIST at 9AM this morning. The panel started out by honoring the crew of the show who were present in the audience.  Eric LaRay Harvey, AKA Diamondback from LUKE CAGE joined Loeb on stage. This panel is the first time he has appeared at a press event for a Netflix show, as the show’s producers wanted to keep Diamondback’s physical presence in the show a secret.  

Loeb brought the actors on stage and then proceeded to tell Danny’s backstory.  We then saw a clip from the show that opens on Danny Rand, bearded and shoeless, staring up at a building in Manhattan.  He walks into the lobby, which is revealed to be that of Rand Industries, and asks to see Harold Meachum. The secretary responds incredulously and calls for someone while Rand is preoccupied with a screen showing various technological innovations followed by an image of Harold and Danny’s father.  Security comes and kicks Danny out but Danny comes back in and then deftly takes down a group of guards before proceeding to the executive suites elevator.

We then saw a scene featuring the Meachum siblings. Danny confronts the two of them while they’re at lunch about stealing Danny’s share of their father’s company. Ward says he hates Danny and Joy follows up by saying that he’s not their brother and doesn’t belong at the company. She backtracks for a moment but then Danny storms out, saying he’ll get what’s his because he has Hogarth now. 

We followed those scenes up with two fight scenes. One features Danny taking out a bunch of guards in a hotel hallway to get to an elevator. The other features Colleen getting into a cage fight with two muscular tattooed men and beating them half to death to the roar of a crowd. 

The next scene features a wounded Danny waking up chained in a bed to Harold Meachum, who he thought was dead, standing over him menacingly. Harold says he thought Danny was dead and Danny tells him that he was taken in by the Order of the Crane to become a warrior and “sworn enemy of the hand.” Danny begs Harold to set him free and Harold tells Danny “he’ll take care of it” before putting his hand over Danny’s eyes and telling him to go back to sleep.

We followed all this up with the first trailer to the series which features what is likely one of the monks from the order of the crane telling Danny that dark forces gather against him. Notably, we see Madame Gao for a moment in this trailer. We also get a nice look at Danny’s chest tattoo. 

Jon Bernthal then came up on stage to announce that production on THE PUNISHER has started. He brought Deborah Ann Woll aka Karen Page on stage. She’ll be joining him on the show.

 After that, all four Defenders appeared on stage together for the first time. It was revealed that Sigourney Weaver would play the villain for the series! 
Thanks for joining us everyone! That’s all for now, but WOW, that feels like a lot! 


  1. I hope Sigourney plays Ruby Thursday from the Gerber Defenders run. I know, unlikely, but you gotta dream.

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