Following his beautiful and admired comics adaptations of three of Richard Parker’s books in comics format, Darwyn Cooke will be illustrating deluxe hardcover editions of the original prose short stories and novels by Donald E. Westlake, IDW announced today.

Cooke will design the series and provide illustrations, with the first book, THE HUNTER, to go on sale in the first half of next year. Additional editions will be released in chronological order thereafter.

Cooke’s Parker graphic novels have won every award there is and reimagined Westlake’s hard0hitting stories for a new audience. With Cooke’s obvious affinity for the material, these will be perfect editions for the bookshelf.

Here’s a peek at the final NEXT Parker GN, Slayground




  1. Best news all year. Donald Westlake’s novels are some of the best pulp fiction ever published outside the city limits of the pulp magazines. They are also literature, because Westlake’s “stark” prose sings, and he develops full realized characters within these heist capers. Often, they may even feel like little morality plays … just ones where no one learns their lesson until it’s too late.

    Is “Slayground” the latest adaptation, or is it really the LAST one? I thought Cooke had hoped to adapt at least one more.

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