The Batman panel is going on right now, and The Beat has Jeffrey O. Gustafson on the floor right now. But according to reports we’ve had from several of the people sitting in on the panel, it sounds like there’s one announcement we HAD to let you know about immediately! It appears that Scott Snyder has announced to the fans that cult favourite character Stephanie Brown will be returning to comics in Batman Eternal #3.



Old image of Stephanie Brown as Spoiler

This would be the weekly Batman series that DC are publishing in 2014, led by Snyder and featuring Tim Seeley, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, John Layman and Jason Fabok as the creators. Stephanie Brown’s return will be in the guise of Spoiler. It looks as though Tynion will be writing her story, and was the one who suggested her return.

More news – and hopefully art – as it comes in.




  1. I realized something today, as I was searching for copies of “Angel Love”…
    DC used Action Comics then as a team-up book to introduce the new versions of heroes and villains.

    The New 52 does not have that. Batman may be the only title with coattails sufficient, but the character is not suited to being teamed up with new vigilantes.

    There’s not a Spider-Man… a single character who moves around and can meet other characters. Booster Gold…perhaps.

  2. As much as I trust Scott Snyder as a storyteller, my faith in DC administration not mucking things up is only a little more than my faith in the Republicans in Congress not mucking up how the government runs. (Ha ha! Topical bits!)

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