Okay… I’m a bit confused…  there is no “Day Zero” (unless that’s the early morning hours leading up to “zero hour” when the show opens).  So, I’m counting Tuesday as “Day Minus Two” with GallaCon, and today as “Day Minus One” with the ICV2 Conference.

As with last year, I wandered around Javits, snapping a few pics before the Visigoths arrive.  Enjoy!  (Taken from my cellphone… sorry about the resolution.)

A quick photo of Artists Alley, from the revolving door.  The security guard was quite nice.
The view from “2A”. This is the Yellow Zone, where one would go to pick up membership badges. In the far distance is the oasis known as “Starbucks”.

The view from “2A”, looking towards the corridor to Artist Colony. (No, seriously… this ain’t no rinkydink corner of the convention, the kids’ table at Thanksgiving. They have the entire room! Lots of natural light! No blaring video games!
MegaBlocks. Last year it was Halo. This year, Warcraft? (There’s also, what I think is, an Adventure Time dirigible.)
Adventure Time! Boom! Studios! (Sorry.. but the generic “piss arctic green” car prevented me from getting a good shot.)
Image! Saga! Hopefully, Chevy sells as many cars as Image sold copies of #1! (Is this the millennial version of “Baby On Board”?)
Grand Prize? Sweepstakes?! (Will it include a custom mylar snug?)
The side view.
Hall 1C, where the Yellows and Greens will line up before the show opens. Remember the first NYCC? This is where the show floor was located.
Hall 1B, where the autographing and gaming will take place.
The sign, before it was hung. It was pointing the right way, by the way.
A panoramic shot, taken on the Third Floor, just to the left of the Alien.  Click to enlarge.
You Are Here. What’s on Second. There wolves.
A quick peek into the show floor.
…and another.
Looking down onto the Third Floor, and the Starbucks on the Second Floor. All this scaffolding should be gone by next year.
The view towards “2E”. The dead zone. Press is down in 1E, so this is a good corner to hang out.
The view north.  Note the Lemony Snicket banner! Yay, kids!
A final puzzle: If each box holds 52 program guides, how many pallets will it take if each attendee gets one program?

And I’m off to the ICV2 conference!  Hope to see you soon!


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