It’s official: three- and four-day passes for New York Comic Con are sold out. And fans are being urged NOT to line up to get in today due to having to line up outside in a rain-slicked city:

If you show up at 10am or later after the doors open it will be much easier and drier for you, if you do insist on coming before doors open at 10am please come prepared to be in the weather – this means umbrellas, rain coats, slickers and those rubber things that cover your shoes that my dad always called rubbers, which made me smirk.

Again, here is the deal: We will have 2 lines off of 37th and 38th street, one for those with tickets and one for those that need to pick up tickets (meaning they have bar codes). The have ticket door will not open until 10am to enter the building and the halls. If you need to pick up tickets, we can process your bar codes to get tickets before 10, but you will still be in the have tickets line until 10. Make sense? The best thing is to come a little before or at 10.

Of course, this sensible advice seems to have been only partially heeded, as people on Twitter are already reporting a big line.