Numbercruncher’s Trade Comes Out This Week: Here’s The Trailer

With the upcoming release of the thoroughly Beat-approved series Numbercruncher in trade, Titan Comics have shared a trailer video with us that catches people up on the book.

The series – by Si Spurrier, PJ Holden, Jordie Bellaire and Simon Bowland – was pretty well acclaimed by everyone, so if you missed it first time round, consider this a catch-up.

I suppose if The Beat were the kind of site that likes to go exclusive, I’d label all of this as an exclusive? We’re not really too keen on those sorts of labels, though – this is a frisky site if ever there was one.

This is part of a big trend right now in making teaser videos for comics – Titan and Valiant perhaps were the ones to really push this style of marketing into prominent use, but DC, Image and Marvel have also been doing quite a bit of this recently. I think it’s a pretty interesting practise, really. Youtube’s bigger than telly nowadays, so it makes sense to make yourself known to that new audience.


Numbercruncher (which I really enjoyed and I know fellow Beat writer Laura Sneddon did too) is a story about the religion, gunfights, karmic retribution, nice hats and accountancy. It’s, you know, a “watch out! Si Spurrier got loose!” sort of comic.

Along with sharing the video, Titan inform me that Spurrier will be at Forbidden Planet in London this Wednesday, signing copies of the book for launch day.

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