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Is Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets going to be the sleeper film of the summer? Starring the captivating duo of Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevingne, and directed by Luc Besson, it’s based on the beloved series of French comics albums Valérian and Laureline by which debuted all the way back in the 60s. So it’s got that swinging 60s feel that’s totally retro and totally timeless at once.

Besson is, of course, an avowed comics fan, and the trailers we’ve seen so far certainly are bursting with imagination, humor and charm. Every time I’ve seen it in the theater the crowd has reacted very positively. In fact, the only knock against it I can think of is that at this time, of all time, including the spunky Laureline in the title would have been a good idea. We’ll find out July 21st, when the film opens!

And, as we reported yesterday, the graphic novels are selling briskly.

Be that as it may, Valerian will get the merch, including a mobile game for iOS and Android coming out in July: Valerian: City of Alpha. The game delves into the Valerian universe and the backstory of the ever-expanding metropolis of Alpha, which hosts thousands of different species from all corners of the universe.

Given that the movie and the comics are so full of imagination, the game is also full of alien species. And The Beat has snagged an exclusive reveal of the Boulan-Bathor species. Here’s their character card and an image of their home planet.


And their background:

The Boulan-Bathor from planet Goara have developed a society centered on food and gastronomic arts. Goara is one of the lushest most hospitable planets in the galaxy. Its mild climate and lack of parasite and predators make Goara ideal for agriculture. Since the dawn of time, the Boulan-Bathors’ history has been linked to harvest and crops. To keep heir sensitive planets simulated, they have become experts in transforming their homegrown produce into delicious feasts.
The Boulan-Bathor (or the alphas of the species, at least) have genuine ambitions and a sense of entitlement and perfectly complemented their business sense. They are never slow to use their economic influence to ensure that the right political decisions are made, particularly in terms of preserving their monopoly and elitism, which are the foundation stones of Boulan-Bathor society.


Here’s the first look at the game.  And some more info.

Valerian: City of Alpha

In Valerian: City of Alpha, you’ll get to experience, firsthand, the thrill of creating this “City of a Thousand Planets.” The interstellar mobile strategy game takes place in the years that lead up to the beginning of the film and allows you to interact with all of the unforgettable and uber cool alien worlds that Besson and his production team are about to put on the big screen.

Put your strategy and optimization skills to the test while you blast through the vastness of space searching for previously undiscovered worlds and alien species. You’ll get to explore some pretty dangerous corners of the universe and there’s no telling what’s out there! You might wind up stranded on a bizarre planet where sound doesn’t exist or fleeing back to your shuttle after negotiations with a primitive tribe of interstellar warriors doesn’t quite go as planned.  But that’s not all. You’ll need to hire new agents to help you out along the way, release probes to scan previously unexplored zones and match species strengths to unlock special bonuses.


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