Marvel is always generous with artwork in their emails, some of it quite notable. Over the last 24 hours they released this nice cover by Paolo Rivera for their Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration #1, an anthology celebrating the release of Marvel Comics #1 back in the day.

The interior of the book includes Bruce Timm adapting “Captain America Foils the Traitor’s Revenge”, a text story originally published in Captain America Comics #3 (1941), which was the first Marvel work by Stan Lee. (And yeah, stan Lee has been working in comcis since BEFORE PEARL HARBOR. Think about that for a minute.)

Other Tales:
James Robinson and Chris Samnee relived the first journey of the Fantastic Four.

Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos create a new story about upcoming Netflix star Jessica Jones investigating cases with connections to the history of the Marvel Universe/

• Tom DeFalco joins Stan Goldberg & Scott Hanna on a Peter Parker story.

• Len Wein & Paul Gulacy on Wolverine.

• Bendis and various on a series of covers devoted to the comics Marvel never published. (Now that should be INTERESTING.)

• Article, retrospectives, tributes, and other new material.

The book hits in October.

Marvel also revealed more Skottie Young variants for the upcoming Spider-Verse event, which hits in November and unites all he various spider-folk from different universes. Two Young covers will lock together transformers style into one big cover. How do they figure this stuff out?

As revealed by this stunning two-part cover features just a fraction of the Spider-Men and Spider-Women that will feature throughout Spider-Verse as rendered in Skottie Young’s inimitable style. Fans can get their hands on the first of these two interlocking covers when it graces the front of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #32 this August. Blockbuster writers Dan Slott & Christos Gage join fan-favorite artist Giuseppe Camuncoli for a time travelling tale of epic proportions as the Superior Spider-Man travels to the far future of 2099! But can he stop the coming of the Spider-Verse?
Then, hold on to your hats as the second Skottie Young variant cover adorns November’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #9 – the first chapter of the universe spanning Spider-Verse event! The sinister Morlun has returned with a singular and terrifying goal – exterminate every Spider-Man in every universe. And it will take thousands of spider-powered heroes to battle back the greatest threat to this universe or any other! Spider-Verse is poised to take the Marvel Universe by storm, and no fan should miss out on these two epic variant covers when they hit comic shops in August and November!



  1. Stan Lee’s text story from Cap #3 … why did it take over 7 decades for someone to think about reprinting this? I hope we get to see the other text stories.

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