Normally I’m not in favor of digging up characters who were done perfectly by their creator, but Elektra has been revived so many times, we might as well give it a go again—this time as part of Marvel’s experimental push for female-led titles. This new version comes out in April and features writing by Haden Blackman and are by Mike Del Mundo. In fact these pages by Del Mundo look pretty sharp and remind me of….another book with a female lead.

A life spent in silent pain has led Elektra Natchios to the brink of despair. But as the crimson-clad assassin prepares to shed her blood-soaked past and take the next step, everything you know about her will change in an instant! Death is no escape, but she will find her way as a new option opens up that will take Elektra to places no other hero will go!

Nice variant covers by Paolo Rivera, Bill Sienkiewicz and Skottie Young though!








  1. Del Mundo has been a beast on covers for Marvel over the last couple years. He has quietly become one of the top five cover artists in mainstream comics. And his interiors here really are masterful. This book looks incredible.

    And yeah, the Sienkiewicz variant is gorgeous.

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