I gotta admit, I never heard of the Charlie Mortdecai books by Kyril Bonfiglioli, but I am tickled with the covers to new editions by Luke Pearson. The Mortdecai books, originally published in the 70s, involve the comedic adventures of a shifty art dealer, and are described as Wodehouse-esque. Penguin UK is releasing the books with the new Pearson covers. The series starts with Don’t Point That Thing at Me.

“I was really excited by the prospect of designing a series in one go,” says Pearson. “My gut feeling was for them to be tightly consistent, the same type treatment, a distinct colour scheme, maybe a shared overall design etc. However, the brief required me to do the first cover in its entirety and for that to be approved before I moved onto the rest.


Also nice Cold Comfort Farm reference on book five there.

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Via Comics and Cola


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