The Folio Society is a UK company that specializes in lovingly produced, high end print versions of classic books. They are pricey—current editions are $74.99 each—but lovely objects for the well appointed home. They are also beautifully designed with new illustrations by skilled artists. Jillian Tamaki has a big year coming up with This One Summer written by her cousin Mariko Tamaki, coming out in May, but she also did he illos for the Folio Society edition of Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Seas and they are squideliciously good.



If you poke around the Folio Society site you will find many wonderful things, but I must admit it was the set of Andrew Lang’s Rainbow Fairy Books that made me swallow hard. Of course without the H. J. Ford original illustrations it wouldn’t be the same, but wouldn’t those look nice sitting on the bookshelf! Sigh.

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