It’s time for our monthly Fried Pie variant reveals. This time we have

Fried Pie issue 1 cover variant



X-Men Grand Design done by series writer/artist Ed Piskor. This series is a Histroy time line of the X-men done in the style of HIp Hop Famly Tree and if this cover doesn’t get you amped up…may Cyclops fry you with his heat vision!



1110-Rocko's Modern Life 001_AWBC_Proof

And a Rocko’s Modern Life variant by Rob Guillory.

Fried Pie variants are  available at 2nd and Charles stores, Books a Million and other selected retail outlets.


  1. The Piskor art is lovely as usual. The Rocko art…. I think it leaves a lot to be desired. Looking forward to it, though!

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