Let’s leave this day with some nice are, a preview of a deluxe hardcover collection of BLUE ESTATE by Viktor Kalvachev and Kosta Yanev. The art provided below is all by different artists — can you spot them?

As dueling crime families battle in the glitziest and grittiest parts of Los Angeles, Rachel Maddox tries to disentangle her life from her abusive action-hero husband in this Eisner Award-nominated tale of desperate starlets, suspiciously macho actors, bungling mobsters, and hapless private dicks.

Kalvachev’s work on BLUE ESTATE garnered nominations for Best Cover Artist and Best Coloring Eisner Awards in 2012. His stunning painted covers and vivid coloring unite the work of a dozen artists — including Nathan Fox, Tomm Coker, Dave Johnson, Paul Maybury, and Marley Zarcone — whose different styles bring different moods and effects to his and Kosta Yanev’s over-the-top story (scripted with incisive wit by Andrew Osborne).

BLUE ESTATE will be in comic book stores on September 10 and in bookstores onSeptember 23. In addition to collecting all twelve issues of the Image Comics series, it’s packed with bonus material, including Kalvachev’s character and location designs, and an exclusive making-of feature about the 2014 HESAW/Focus Home Interactive Blue Estate video game, released for the PlayStation 4 in 2014, featuring art and character designs.

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  1. The covers were GORGEOUS. The art was alright. It depended on who was doing the issue (I think they had three or so artists for the series, all similar styles.) But the story kinda confused the crap out of me. I dropped it around issue #6 or so.

  2. (Hi Andres!)

    Loved this series very much. Fun read, interesting characters and gorgeous art throughout. I’m amazed that despite the use of about a dozen artists, the story stayed strong. Every single artist that did work on this book did deliver their A grade game, mind you.

  3. I loved this series too -smart, funny and insightful. I agree with Nathan -it was “confusing” altho I’d say “intricate” . And I really liked that! Challenging, fresh and smart. Oh, yes, and great covers.

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