As we walked around the room at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival on Saturday, we asked folks what was coming up for 2010 and got a few newsy notes

Img 7884
Perhaps the biggest news was confirmation that Randy Chang’s Bodega Distribution is taking 2010 OFF. Chang said he’s closing down sales on the website and won’t be going to shows. He’s doing it to devote more time to his day job and recharge a bit. Bodega titles — including the acclaimed Morning Star and Daybreak among many others — will still be available via some other websites and indie distributor Tony Shenton.

We asked Chang if it was the bad economy or any particular problem that was behind the shutdown, and he said “Not really, but the Diamond changes didn’t help.”

We’ll miss Randy’s friendly presence on the indie circuit and hope his absence is more temporary than a year.

Img 7907
Sam Gaskin at the Secret Acres table. It is not Gaskin-related news, but Secret Acres has signed Sean Ford and will put out his next book in 2011.

Img 7886
Charles Burns and Adrian Tomine at the D&Q booth. Burns was giving out a free mini comic sketchbook and confirmed his next book, from Pantheon, for October 2010: X’ed Out. It’s in Tintin format but from the pages Burns showed us, this story is much in the vein of Big Baby, El Borbah, and other unsettling Burns classics, and the modern art and film-inspired storyline is not intended for children.

Speaking of children, Tomine confirmed that the biggest thing in his life right now is taking care of his five-week old infant daughter. However he plans a new, all-color issue of OPTIC NERVE for 2010.

According to Jessica Campbell, the biggest news at D&Q for 2010 is “Dan Clowes!”, referring to his eagerly-awaited new graphic novel WILSON, due in May.

Img 7887

At the House of Twelve collective — shown above — the news was technology. H012 is giving up on paper distribution and will be sold exclusively through the iPhone in 2010, via ComiXology. Spokesman Cheese Hasselberger confirmed that they would be looking at ways to make their comics even more native to the iPhone platform.

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Dan Nadel, the co-runner of the show, was pretty happy with the way the day was going, and said sales were good. He also confirmed that they were already planning a BCGF for 2010, possibly at a bigger venue. We’ll have more on this later in the week. For 2010, his big release is the 700-page Brian Chippendale collection we’ve all been waiting for.

Img 7889
A close-up of the tinsel decor that charmed everyone so.

Img 7896
Red Riding Hood the VERY deluxe edition by Nora Krug. Available from Bries.

Img 7897
David Sandlin, underexposed.

Img 7899
More of the abstract vibe of the show.

Img 7901
Tomi Um’s gorgeous, hand-made fold-out silkscreened comics were emblematic of the whole show — half comics, half craft item. That’s them on the wall. It might be interesting to draw a line between the huge number of female exhibitors and artists at the show and alt.comix increasing crossover with Etsy, as crafts are something women are traditionally more into than the bearded folk.

Img 7908
Our Lady of Consolation may have been the perfect name for a comics show venue.

Maybe it was in tribute to BCGF’s spiritual father, Gary Panter that this installation of a totally burnt out car was placed right in front of the show. Hope no one was hurt.