The response to our call for new books at this weekend’s Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest was incredible and overwhelming, with new work by Kim Deitch, Jason Little, Austin English, Mark Alan Stamaty, and MANY MORE. We’re still sorting through it. Consider this only part 1! Bring a full wallet.


La Mano

debuts THE KIM DEITCH FILES. Holy shit!

The Kim Deitch Files is a limited edition portfolio of the looseleaf “story” pages which serve as Kim’s sketchbook; it’s where he works out the ideas for his comics. included in this folio are selections of the original story pages from many of Kim’s major works (Alias The Cat, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams) as well as many of his other projects (Deitch’s Pictorama, Southern Fried Fugitives), never before seen projects (the aborted Alice’s Adventures Underground) and even a couple pretty jaw dropping life studies. they are exclusively in pencil, many in a fully rendered style that is both insanely gorgeous and (in their way) totally different than what you “expect” from Kim’s art. these pages have rarely been seen, and as individual pieces and as a look into the process of a master cartoonist…this is the real deal, folks.

Many more images here


Desert Island

is debuting this mind-blowing new print by Mark Alan Stamaty, of a spread from his book WHO NEEDS DONUTS?. Gabe Fowler says it’s one of his favorite pieces of all time. Click for a slightly larger version, but you’ll have to see the original for the full impact.

Chuck Forsman

has a new mini called THE GROUND IS SOFT.  

This is a stand alone story about a family in a somewhat primitive village and how they deal with the strange customs that they abide by. Told like a puzzle which pieces have been scattered across the table, this is the 6th issue in Chuck Forsman’s Ignatz Award-winning series Snake Oil. 

Windy Corner


will have new work by
Austin English
Clara Bessijelle
Nate Doyle
Sakura Maku
Jessica Ciocci

You need to go to the above link to see it all! Shown, SWELL by Juliacks.

Sakura Maku

sakura web1.jpg

will have a new comic (preview above), and a silkscreen print.

Taffy Hips

taffy hips magazine

This indie comics magazine will debut its final issue at the show — the lineup is in the above link — good stuff!

This will be a smaller in size issue, with screen print inserts, interviews with CF, Vanessa Davis & more. Other details secret.
Also, new zines by both Gil Gentile & Zara Messano

Plus, copies of back issues of Taffy Hips Magazines, prints and more!


Uninhabitable Mansions

This Brooklyn-based art and music collective has much new stuff:

1. Two brand new books drawn by Robbie Guertin of BB+PP Inc. fame, featuring hand-printed covers.

2. Unfunny Unfinished Life, a brand new limited edition set of postcards featuring depressing short stories and accompanying less depressing drawings.

3. The Killer at the Beach, a book/coat you can wear.

4. All our previous books, including Oh Inky Inky, Two Wounds, Gline’s Demise, and Epic Love.

5. CDs and records from the musical version of Uninhabitable Mansions, as well as items related to another band we’re involved with, Radical Dads.

6. Unidentifiable Monsters t-shirts.

7. More yardsticks than you can shake a (yard)stick at.


Robbie Guertin

sent the covers of his two new minis, $3 each, both for $5.

Jason Little


Has the titanic debut of the print collection of MOTEL ART IMPROVEMENT SERVICE and a new mini called GIMMICK ILLUSTRATED no. 1.


Pat Aulisio


Will be at the ‘yeah dude comics’/’secret prison’ table at the brooklyn comics fest. ill be releasing a brand new anthology called Math Fiction. it features me, Ian Harker, Will Cardini, and Josh Burggraf

all doing far-out next dimension heavy metal type comics i am dubbing the genre as Math Fiction. did i mention the book is in full 3D? yup, old school anaglyph red/blue 3d with glasses, 16 pages, large format 11×17, screenprinted covers, $15.

More tomorrow!