A missed a lot of things in my inbox, but here are some of the best!


§ Brimpception. If you don’t know, never mind.


§ Hot Toys is making a Potted Groot, but alas, it is only available as a bonus figure with their regular Rocket and Groot set. But the good news is that the comes with an interchangeable Groot Angry Expression Face and a pair of Partially Clenched Palms. I see my work here is done. 

§ I managed to miss that a film called “A Brony Tale” is coming out on DVD on August 19th after a limited theatrical run. Directed by Brent Hodge (Winning America, What Happens Next?) it’s the first documentary in the “Morgan Spurlock Presents line and it travels to the 2012 BronyCon in NYC with actress Ashleigh Ball, who does several voices on the show. And here’s the trailer.

I must admit when I heard about bronies the first time I though it was a joke, but now I know better. More info here.


  1. Nice try on the potted Groot…

    But I want the dancing Groot. How difficult would it be dissect a dancing Santa and replicate Groot? Etsy?

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