Meanwhile, back at the ranch, while everyone is loin girding for The Big One in a few weeks, New York Comic Con, the other Big One, is also gearing up, and like San Diego Comic-Con, they are beginning to tighten things up. Press registration has just opened, but it’s a far more arduous process than before and NO on-site registration this year.

NYCC is adopting a two-step Press Registration process this year. All applicants must first submit their information online on the form below. This alone does not guarantee you a Press Badge. Instead, you must next complete step-two. After NYCC receives your online application, you will be sent an email with a Press Identification Number and link to the NYCC Press Accreditation Profile. You must complete this full form and fax it along with all required attachments to NYCC. It is only after this full form is received, reviewed, and approved that a Press Badge will be issued. Online applications only and incomplete Press Accreditation Profiles will not be approved. Press Badges to NYCC are limited, and the show reserves the right to approve or deny any application. NYCC’s decision is final and cannot be appealed.

There will be NO on-site Press Registration at NYCC this year. Should you wish to attend as a member of the media, you MUST apply online and complete the full Press Accreditation Profile. Registration will close at 11:59 PM NYC Time on September 14. Applications will be reviewed in three blocks this year, with acceptance status emails sent out in three blocks as well. Should you not receive your status by your acceptance email date (below), contact NYCC’s Press Office ([email protected]). We encourage Press to apply early.

In the past, NYCC press reg was pretty laid back, and we confess to having used it a few times to get a pal or two in. After the last two madhouses, however, it seems all those extra badges are being scrutinized a bit more. Also, just having a measly little video game blog isn’t going to cut it any more.

Pro reg has yet to open but we advise everyone hoping to get on the list to keep an eye open, as it will probably be harder to get in as well.


  1. $50.00 just to walk in the doors on Saturday? Please, please stay home and consider donating that money to a worthy cause!

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