Steve McNiven (Nemesis, Civil War) has a series of illos for a big NY Times story about Mexican drug cartels that ran in this Sunday’s NY Times Sunday Magazine. R. Kikuo Johnson supplied the colors.

The caption for the above illustrations is as follows:

A Tijuana farmer known as the Stewmaker and allied with a Sinaloa subsidiary disposed of his victims’ bodies in vats of lye.

If that won’t get you to look at the pictures and read the damn article…you’re on your own.


  1. To this day I’m still amazed that no matter how many stories I see about cartel butchery, like what’s in this picture or the practice of leaving decapitated bodies out in the open for all to see, comic book writers refuse to use cartels as bad guys in favor of dragging out tired Nazis over and over.

  2. Johnny, from what I understand, cartels can be quite proactive in defending themselves from criticism.

    It’s probably more about “playing it safe.” Nazis are dead people who cannot actively harm the writer.