Last year longtime comics dealer and show runner Mike Carbonaro announced he was leaving the comics show business, after running first The Big Apple con and then the NY Comic Book Marketplace for over a decade.

Well, NYCBM is coming back on April 13th at the Hotel Penn, same place where the other shows were held. The special guest, thus far, is George Perez. Carbo’s shows were down and dirty but definitely fill a niche in the New York comics scene. The show was originally scheduled for the previous weekend—which would have been opposite the MoCCA Festival but local con wars have been averted for now.

Speaking of Perez, he recently underwent a second round of eye surgery for his ongoing vision problems, but is on the mend, although on his Facebook page he mentions that he will need further surgeries in the future. Wishing him all the best for a speedy recovery.


  1. just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in. it never ends. IT NEVER ENDS!!!!! all kidding aside, i love going to the carbo shows. one could score a great sketch from a great artist (i’ve scored many over the years, from many great artists) and the whole flea market/ bizarre atmosphere of the vendor area makes shopping for and finding those hard to find oddball items a lot of fun. glad to see the show come back. i’m in
    also like to send “get well soon” wishes to george perez. over the years, i’ve scored many a sketch from george, and always like to stop by his table and say hello (if he’s not being swamped by fans, which is often).always very cool with the fans, a nicer guy you will not meet.

  2. This is the con I used to go to as a young lad, I’m very excited. Hopefully it’ll have fewer b-list celebrities and wanna-be documentarians than NYCC has.

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