The biggest comics-focused event in the world is underway drawing hundreds of thousands of people to look at comics and cartoonists with no movie stars to distract them, Despite this, only one English language reporter seems to be filing from the show, Comics Reporter’s Bart Beatty who has his first two reports here and here. The first link is expecially valuable as an overview of this years shows and the politics surrounding it—basic storyline that is isn’t quite as exciting as when Art Spiegelman was the President last year, but Brecht Evens’ Flemish cartoonists art exhibit seems to be the focus of some some attention. Unsurprising as Evens is one of the most vibrant cartoonists on the international scenes.

Elsewhere, this story en Français indicates that cartoonist Pénélope Bagieu(above) has won some sort of prize, perhaps some kind of “Knight of Arts and Letters” thing. Bagieu is quite well-known in France for her blog, which translates as “My life is quite fascinating”, and her character Josephine

Otherwise, a search for Angoulême on Twitter reveals only jealousy-evoking photos and a smattering of results not in French. I guess US cartoonists just don’t have enough money to pay for international roaming and/or drank too much fine wine last night.

Here’s one tweet photo: Matt Madden showing off audience cartoons at an exhibit. IDW’s e-i-c Chris Ryall has also been tweeting.


  1. Looking forward to hearing more about this convention. It helps to see the world view, or at least the Euroview.
    Otherwise we tend to assume the entire comic world consists of the usual gang of superhero creators and self promoters.

  2. Don Rosa (Capt. Kentucky, Uncle Scrooge), Ted Naifeh (Courtney Crumrin), Richard Starkings and Moritat (Elephantmen) are signing at Angouleme.

  3. I say it was the wine. Cognac. At least for some of the publishers. There was also vodka and reindeer meat from Finland again, so I hear. Then we all caught the flu and had to go contaminate airplanes with it. By “all,” I mean me.

    But I do love having a chance to get to Angoulême.

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