With time travel and tons of extra characters so Fox can make sure they have them on their Marvel roster, even this new POSTER for X-Men Days of Future Past seems jammed with funny looking folks. N0 sign of Club-Kid Quicksilver though.

And here’s a new trailer from the UK. A quick shot of Club-Kid Quicksilver! Shirtless Wolverine! Morphing Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique. And based on this trailer, Halle Berry’s entire role as Storm consists of standing with lightning coming out her eyes.

The movie opens May 24. It’s directed by Bryan Singer, so signs point to enjoyable.


  1. Am I an idiot? Who is the guy covered in fire? It looks like The Human Torch but that would be dumb, no? You see him twice.
    The only all fire character I can think of is Magma, but she was a lady in the early New Mutants. What am I missing? Is it Pyro but they just amped him up?
    Also, was that Bishop running with Ellen Page as Kitty?

    It looks great. I’m super psyched. It’s my birthday. Huzzah! Who’s going to skip some work? This guy.

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