Well, that was a little on the nose. There’s a Death Star and the Rebels have to stop it! But it won’t be easy.

The new Rogue One trailer debuted during the Olympics, just after Darth Michael Phelps; 22nd gold medal ceremony, and, as expected the last shot teased Darth Vader because…why not. HE was around and he probably had something to say

Felicity Jones’ suicide squader Jyn Erso got most of the air time, though, along with her rogues gallery of thieves for good. Call it Dantooine’s 11.

Not quite as spine tingling as the first trailer, in my humble opinion, but according to rumors, reshoots were needed to make it more of a Star Wars movie and less of a pretty dark war tale.

We’ll have the frame by frame breakdowns as they emerge, but what did YOU think?


  1. Ah, but what a nose, Jacob! Since the original Star Wars was, in part, a homage to Kurosawa’s samurai films, it only seems appropriate that we finally get some Asian characters in the Star Wars universe. In fact, it was one of the elements of the trailer that excited me the most!

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