grant_twitterTalk about a dream team!  Today, Syfy and Universal Cable Productions announced that Grant Morrison would team up with Jonah Hex film writer Brian Taylor to bring Aldous Huxley’s science fiction novel, Brave New World, to the small screen.  Both Morrison and Taylor were named as executive producers on the show alongside Amblin Television co-presidents Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey.

In case you haven’t been to high school yet, Brave New World is about a distant future where society is controlled by a steady supply of technology and drugs that keep the population docile and numb. The novel envisions a path to dystopia parallel to the one captured by George Orwell’s 1984.  Neil Postman compared the two books to one another in the forward of the book Amusing Ourselves to Death. Cartoonist Stuart McMillen later captured that forward in a viral webcomic he has since disowned, though you can easily find the piece if you know how to Google…


Morrison and Taylor join writer and executive producer Les Bohem on the SyFy version of Brave New World.  Back in 2003, Bohem wrote Taken, a mini-series on SyFy that garnered an Emmy for the network.



  1. Am I the only one who thinks Grant Morrison is seriously overrated? His stories are usually a convoluted mess, wildly incoherent and at times completely incomprehensible. Some people obviously thinks that means he’s deep and that I just cant’ understand it.

    I just finished his run on Superman from New 52 and I was once again reminded that I should stop listening to people who describe his work as great.

  2. As one of the resident Morrison devotees, I’ll fully admit that some of his stories are not “all there.” Final Crisis is probably the most egregious of those. However, I don’t think most of his stories are convoluted. Inaccessible, maybe, but they make sense if you take the time to dig into them.

    He’s also fully capable of telling FANTASTIC straightforward stories. Doom Patrol and All-Star Superman are great jumping off points to show people not well-versed in new age thought and magic (read: most people, myself included) how great of a writer Morrison really is.

  3. Final Crisis: a company mandated “Event” that came at the very worst time in the publisher’s history of tinkering.


    Animal Man
    Doom Patrol
    Seven Soldiers
    Flex Mentallo
    The Filth
    All-Star Superman

    …hardly worth a line in his bio, is it?

    Disclosure: yes I am a Morrison fan!

  4. “Am I the only one who thinks Grant Morrison is seriously overrated?”

    No. He’s done some excellent work but some of his stuff hasn’t aged that well and some of it is pretty much crap that fans twist themselves into pretzels to excuse.


  5. Also, The Multiversity remains the best thing to come out the New 52 era, give or take how I might feel about the Azzarello/Chiang Wonder Woman on a day to day basis.

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