Small boutique publishers are popping up everywhere, and here’s a newish one from the UK: Great Beast, which was founded by Adam Cadwell and Marc Ellerby, and they’ve just released two nice looking graphic novels. You can buy the physical books (which have top notch production) or space-saving digital versions. Cadwell passed along some info on the books:

Ellerbisms is the story of a relationship told in pictures through the autobiographical comics of Marc Ellerby. Ellerbisms catches a glimpse into the life of a young couple, their highs and lows, their sighs and LOLs. Collecting more than 200 original strips from the cult web-comic plus an additional 30 pages of brand new material exclusive to this handsome softcover edition!


The Everyday cherishes the fleeting moments of our day to day to create an honest and hilarious portrait of modern life and the many little miracles and mysteries within. With crisp black and white artwork, keen observations and humble humour, Cadwell captures the minutiae of life we can so easily miss, a comic strip at a time, over 4 years of his life. This hardback book collects for the first time all 200 comic strips from the acclaimed web-comic at the size they were drawn and includes an introduction by the artist.

Both books, as with all Great Beast releases, are available digitally too.
Great Beast was founded in April 2012 by UK based cartoonists Adam Cadwell and Marc Ellerby to provide fun and creative stories to as wide an audience as possible. All of our titles are creator owned and self published to a professional standard; these are comics brimming with passion and imagination. Great Beast takes it’s name from the very first Monster In My Pocket released in 1990 because we thought it sounded cool.