Ahead of the impending release of their August solicits, Marvel has announced a pair of new books starring some familiar properties. The new series feature a new adventure for the video game version of your friendly neighborhood wall-crawler, as well as the return of a team of dimension-hopping heroes.
Marvel's Spider-Man: Velocity #1
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Velocity is a new series set in the world of the PS4 Spider-Man video game. Velocity will be the first original comic story to star that version of the character, who has previously appeared as part of the Spider-Geddon event storyline, and a current miniseries, Marvel’s Spider-Man: City at War, is adapting the story of the game. The third issue of that six-issue series is due in shops at the end of this month.
Here’s the official description of the series from Marvel:

After the events of City at War, Spidey continues to balance his colliding worlds as he attempts to protect New York City against Super Villains like Swarm, while reporter Mary Jane Watson delves deep into an investigation with legendary Daily Bugle journalist Ben Urich. Learn the never-before-told backstory behind the Velocity Suit as unexplainable occurrences bedevil the city and our heroes come face-to-face with…a poltergeist?!

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Velocity is written by Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum, with art by Emilio Laiso and Rachelle Rosenberg, and covers by Skan.
Future Foundation #1
The other addition to Marvel’s line-up is set firmly within the Marvel U. Future Foundation spins out of Fantastic Four, and follows the team on their first big adventure following the return of the Richards family to Earth-616. A few members of Power Pack are slated to join the team on their first mission, to restore the Molecule Man after his apparent death at the beginning of the current FF series.
Here’s the official description:

When the Richards family is called back to Earth to be the Fantastic Four again, they left behind the Future Foundation—a think tank of the most brilliant young minds in the universe—with one mission: find the pieces of and rebuild their friend Molecule Man. But that’s proved harder than imagined as this crew of young geniuses, Atlanteans, Mutants, Moloids, and androids have run into every problem in the Multiverse.
Now, with the leadership of Alex and Julie Power and a little extra firepower from guest professor Yondu Udonta, the team will undergo their most dangerous mission yet—a prison break!

Jeremy Whitley, fresh off the announcement that Unstoppable Wasp is ending, will write Future Foundation, while Will Robson provides the art for the series.
While it’s unclear from the announcement, it’s a safe bet that both of these books are miniseries and not ongoings. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Velocity will debut the same month that the final issue of the preceding miniseries ends, while according to Whitley the events of Future Foundation will be set up in a back-up story in a July issue of Fantastic Four:

Both Marvel’s Spider-Man: Velocity and Future Foundation are due in stores in August.

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