Yet ANOTHER band of creators teaming up and kickin’ it to Kickstarter! Tis time its Alex Grecian, Jeremy Haun, B. Clay Moore and Seth Peck who are putting together a showcase anthology called BAD KARMA VOLUME ONE.

BAD KARMA VOLUME ONE is a 200-page collection of comic book stories, prose and artwork, created by writers Grecian, Haun, Moore and Peck, along with a host of collaborators. The book, which is the focus of a Kickstarter campaign that began on Monday, December 10th, debuts five original comic book concepts in full-length stories, as well as full page illustrations by some of the greatest talent in comics, inspired by the main concepts.

The Kickstarter campaign will run from December 10, 2012 until January 10, 2013. BAD KARMA VOLUME ONE is scheduled to debut at Heroes Convention in Charlotte in June of next year.

The five main stories in BAD KARMA VOLUME ONE are:


MIDDLETON, by Alex Grecian and Phil Hester;


CHAOS AGENT, by Jeremy Haun and Mike Tisserand;


OLD DOG, by B. Clay Moore and Christopher Mitten;

HELLBENT, by Seth Peck and Tigh Walker; and


THE NINTH LIFE OF SOLOMON GUNN, written by Grecian, Haun, Moore and Peck, with art by Haun. The book’s cover has been designed by acclaimed writer, artist and designer Jonathan Hickman.


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