Recently it was announced that the landmark Geoff Johns 100+ issue Green Lantern era was over, and a whole new creative team wold be brought aboard the line. Well, the news is out, a new team of fearless creators has been announced—in brightest convention appearance, in blackest message board meltdown, no storyline will escape rewrites. In addition to the four existing books, a new one starring popular bad good guy Larfleeze has been added to the New 52 lineup. here’s the roll call:

GREEN LANTERN: Robert Venditti and Billy Tan will pick from where Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke left off on the GL flagship title.
GREEN LANTERN CORPS: Joshua Hale Fialkov and Bernard Chang
GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS: Justin Jordan and Brad Walker
RED LANTERNS: Joshua Hale Fialkov and Alessandro Vitti
LARFLEEZE: Keith Giffen and Scott Kolins

These gentlemen have some big boots to fill–how big? Well, Johns created Larfleeze, the Red Lantern Corps, and most every other piece of modern mythology in the Lantern universe. While no one could be expected to match his run on the line right off the bat, it’s nice to see writers from the indie side of things getting the call. MTV Geek is running the intro interviews throughout the day so check back there for thoughts on doing the best work of your life.


  1. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read from Robert Venditti on X-O Manowar and will check out his work on Green Lantern.

  2. Loving Threshold at the moment – so it’s cool to see Larfleeze get his own book (have you read it? It’s SO funny). Wonder if that means Threshold will get a new back-up or become a one-story book…

  3. Those are some average artists in the line up. No superstars like Mahnke. And that attached shot by Tan looks hidious. Its like DC wants it to fail.

  4. Has anybody confirmed with DC that what they refer to as “Larfleeze” in the announcement is a new book, and not just a reference to the continuing Threshold feature?

  5. Well, this was the non story of the day….have to also agree with poster James that Doug Manhke’s replacement Tan is definitely a jumping off point to those art wanks like myself…

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