Netflix has released a teaser for the new HILDA animated series, which debuts on September 21st.

The streaming giant had an unexpected hit in picking up the adaptation of the indie comic  THE END OF THE F*CKING WORLD, and now it’s returning to the well for HILDA, originally published by Nobrow.


Hilda is based on another indie comics – Luke Pearson’s Hilda series, published by Nobrow, and it’s aimed at the all-ages crowd.

Hidla is a sprightly blue haired lass whose background is explored as the series progresses and she has adventures in a town called Trollberg. The original Hilda books won acclaim and awards for Pearson’s stunning artwork and whimsical fantasy – both edged with a northern sadness to give it another layer of resonance.

The animation, tweeted above, definitely captures the vibe of the comics – and that augurs for continued success.

Hilda has also been adapted into a series of light novels, also published by Nobrow.