Netflix has ordered to series an adaptation of creator Jeff Lemire‘s series Sweet Tooth. Deadline reports that the series, published by Vertigo Comics, will become an eight-episode hour-long series, produced by Warner Brothers, Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey‘s Team Downey, Arrow producer Beth Schwartz, and Hap and Leonard creator Jim Mickle. Actors Christian ConveryNonso AnozieAdeel AkhtarWill Forte, and James Brolin will star in the series.

Sweet Tooth ran for forty issues, and followed the adventures of a boy named Gus, a young half-human/half-animal hybrid with antlers, and an older man, Jepperd, as they traverse a post-apocalyptic North America. Along the way they meet other human/animal hybrids, evil scientists, and discover the secret behind the epidemic that wiped out the human race. Brolin will reported narrate the series, and while it seems likely Convery will be playing Gus, no information was given on who the other actors will be portraying. And I’m hoping the credit for Brolin as the narrator is a trick, and that he’s actually playing Jepperd, because that would be inspired casting.

Sweet Tooth was originally in development at Hulu, but the streamer opted not to move forward with the project. It’s also the latest Jeff Lemire-created project to be picked up for translation onto film. Legendary Entertainment is at work developing Lemire and Dean Ormston‘s Black Hammer universe for both television and film. Lemire has also penned a pilot script for a TV adaptation of his award-winning graphic novel trilogy Essex County.

While I was looking for good pictures of Gus and Jepperd, I came across this Dark Knight Returns-inspired art Lemire drew for a CBLDF auction back in 2011. I hope this scene never appears in the Netflix series.