Almost every other post on my Facebook feed recently is about Batman vs Superman.

That’s okay… I get it… It’s a Major Motion Picture, a tent-pole movie, the foundation of a franchise.

But man…  someone added too much carbon to the Man of Steel… He’s PG-13, and soon to be Rated R.

You can’t really take kids to see this movie (well, you can, but who knows how they’ll react?)

Fortunately, DC has an answer! Last weekend, they premiered the first animated movie of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise! Announced last Fall, there have been periodical updates on their YouTube channel, featuring short videos.

I’ve been a fan as soon as the line was mentioned (because I’m a Cool Uncle, and have a very precocious niece in the First Grade), but I forgot to LIKE their Facebook page. I corrected that error today, and that’s when I discovered this:

Who are “Suga N Spice“?

Hi, we’re Suga N Spice! We are the sweetest and spiciest girls dance crew around! We are 12-17 years old and met in Brian Friedman’s Master Class at Adaptive Force Performing Arts in Arizona. He knew that we were destined to live out our dancing dreams together and so with the help of Robert Green, Dominique Battiste and Amber Booth, Suga N Spice was created. We are so grateful for all of the support from all of you out there and are so excited to continue sharing our videos with you here!

While not an official “Super Hero Girls” video, it was made with their help.

That comics shop? Hi De Ho Comics? It actually exists! That’s not a studio set… that’s an actual STAGE they have inside the store! It’s recently come under new management, and gets high marks on Yelp. (Click that link and check out the pictures!) Located in Santa Monica, not too far from the Expo Line terminus downtown!

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video featuring the dancers, directors, and choreographer!

If you want the “official” video, with the complete lyrics that you can sing (and dance) along with…

If that’s not cool enough… the singer/songwriter is 20-year-old Jordyn Kane!

Get your cape on!



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