After the big DC rebirth event, a smaller press conference with Dan Didio, Jim Lee and Geoff Johns was held. I’ll have a longer write up soon but a few key points:

— This is a more character based take on the DCU. Johns stressed over that it’s about the characters and  they want to make it the comcis world very detailed and complex. 

— Making the characters relevant to new readers is the core of the whole Rebirth initiative. DiDio says in some ways it’s an amalgam of the world construction of Infinite CRisis, the refeshed look of New 52 and the diverse take on the characters that audiences connected with from DCYou. “We’ve learned from our mistakes and we’ve learned from our successes,” he said. 

— The diverse element such as the Chinese New Super-Man and Jessice and Simon as Green Lantern was a “non- conversation.” Said Lee. “It just reflects the real world. It’s not a quote it’s just the way things are.”

— DiDio mentioned that the moment he new they’d gone off the rails was at NYCC in October when he realized that none of the questions he was getting from fans were about story or characters. When they held a big panel with creators, the audience left during the Q&A. They weren’t connecting with the storylines, he realized.

— Everyone stressed again  that a lot of time is being taken with creators adn editors to really work out the characters. That’s something they didn’t have time to do with The New 52, and somehing that would perhaps have benefitted the relaunch.

— Working with creators like Gene Yang from outside the superhero world has helped everyone learn what makes these characters tick. 

— Speaking personallyI know there is a lot of cynicism about these kind of corporate moves, and the new creators line-ups are perhaps more familiar than some had hoped, but this is a sincere attempt at solving some of the problems in the DC line by the executive team. And when things aren’t broke – like Harley Quinn — they won’t need to fix them. 


  1. It’s awesome that the crew that led DC off a cliff (by going back to the 90’s when the industry crashed) is going to rescue the company. There’s no real solution, since completely overhauling the editorial staff is next to impossible, but someone in editorial should have lost their job by now. Maybe Warners just wants yes men?

  2. Or maybe making successful corporate super-hero comics is a hard job that comes with some failures sometimes, but you stand a better chance of success with experienced people in the important positions?

  3. eh, It seems more likely that whatever gains they make with Rebirth it will be half as successful as the last one and twice as quickly diminished.

    Especially with the accelerated publication schedule.

    But yes, experienced people, important positions and all that.

  4. Well, you’d better start hating it now, because who knows if you’ll get another chance when it actually comes out?

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