Constantine - Season Pilot
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When NBC’s take on DC/Vertigo’s chain-smoking anti-hero struggled in the ratings, the network halted production on Constantine after 13 episodes. Middling critical response and a terrible time-slot (Friday nights at 10 pm) didn’t help its cause, and the question became when/if NBC would ever air those remaining episodes after its mid-season finale capped out at the 8th episode.

Fans of the series took to social media with the #SaveConstantine hashtag, trying to stave off what seemed like the inevitable cancellation of the new series. Even executive producer Daniel Cerone got in on the grassroots action.

If nothing else, NBC has provided a stay of execution today, as the show’s official Twitter feed has announced Constantine‘s return on January 16th at 8 pm, where the 5 remaining episodes will air.

Will a new time-slot provide a shot in the arm or will it just be a fulfilling of an obligation? Time and viewership will tell.


  1. Constatine is a great show and I am happy NBC is keeping it around for the remaining episodes. I hope they continue to write for the show its gGREAT

  2. I’ve been watching it but not loving it …feel like the lead was miss casted !!! If it can’t get great ratings after Grimm ..than it won’t get better ratings no matter where you put it !! I say cut your loses and move on.. NBC always has a problem doing that !!! FYI NBC bring back The Cape and try it after Grimm !!!!

  3. Constantine is an awesome show. I never fail to be entertained. Sure hope it survives. I really loved the last few episodes especially.

  4. I wanted this to be a success, since I’ve read the comic for years. The thing LOOKS great, but the scripts are too tame to get at Constantine’s essence. NBC did right by Hannibal, so it’s possible to make uncomfortable but entertaining TV; that hasn’t happened with Constantine, yet . . . .

  5. Good show. Bad time slot. Friday nights have been called the graveyard for shows. High schol football and basketball is played on Friday nights, pkus now college football. A better time slot on Sunday or a weeknight and I think it would work. Look at Gotham. Mondays at 9, and is a hit.

  6. It’s a great show I can’t wait to see what happens next. I haven’t missed one episode yet hope they keep it on I think it’s a great show and the cast is good too good chemistry. Time slot wasn’t good hope the do better and more advertising would be great.

  7. Same thing happened with the first airing of the original doctor who series. Almost got pulled because of a horrible airing time. Recourse was to re-air what was shown at a better time, this may have to happen again. People who didn’t get to watch it because of it being out of their time-frame will walk in to a season almost over, scratching their heads as to what the hell is going on. I hope it works out, I like the series, but pessimistic on how it’s trying to be saved.

  8. Enjoy the show, but repetitive needs more mix up and back ground of characters . Maybe some flash back shows. Keep it twisting.

  9. Let’s see, Dracula flopped on Friday night at ten so NBC thought another supernatural series would do better in the same slot?

  10. This show is awesome. I love it, I love these type of show because it puts me in a different space than the dull and drab of every day life. I dvr every episode to make sure i get the full story. If NBC cancels they really aren’t listening to their followers.

  11. Great show and great writing. NBC needs to move it to a better time slot and let things flourish.

  12. Constantine is the first series I have enjoyed in years. If it doesn’t come back for good I am done with watching tv.

  13. Just LOVE the show. I think it’s a step above Grimm and even Sleepy Hollow. I hope it becomes a keeper. If I don’t get to watch it at the time slot (which is lousy) I go straight to hulu on Mondays to watch it. So time sounds great to mr!!

  14. the thing is that people in other countries dont get to watch why not have a website for shows you suits think are dying and ask fans to help $1 here and there

  15. I love this show! A great mashup of Constantine and the Dresden Files! I am not happy that it might be cancelled. I think using a Scottish actor with a roguish manner is brilliant. Keep the show going, please!

  16. I’ve loved John Constantine since his humble beginnings in “Swamp Thing” & while the series is a bit tame compared to the comics it has great potential. Shame not to give it the chance it deserves.

  17. For the record – the last original episode that aired at 10 PM did improve greatly in the ratings.

    And its’ numbers are performing way better than Dracula’s ever did in the fall of 2013 time slot.

    But let’s see if slotting it in the kiddie hour will spread the word faster.



  18. My husband, son and I all love Constantine. We wait all week for Friday 10:00 PM. In my opinion, it is the best show on Network TV. While Matt Ryan is not who I envisioned as the lead, I think he was a great choice. Matt can keep a steady stream of snark flowing, while allowing the smallest of facial expressions to hint at the emotions simmering beneath the surface. Likewise, Harold Perrineau is wonderful as Manny. The writing is wonderful and creative. Please keep the shows coming. It would be a crime to take it off the air.

  19. This article is a bit off-base: (1) The series start was delayed so the short-season order was not that much of a black mark; (2) mid-season closer improved dramatically in the ratings; (3) there was never any question of NBC not broadcasting the second half of the season… sheesh, the mid-season closer was part 1 of 2 and a cliffhanger!

  20. I love the show Constantine even better than Grimm! Please don’t cancel after the remaining episodes. I look forward to watching it every week.

  21. Seems to be NBC’s MO. Bring in a show. Don’t put too much into it, but just enough to make a show. Half ass the project in writing, and then get upset when you put it in a very tough time slot. The fact is it getting viewers on a Friday night is impressive. Put it on Wednesday and watch the numbers go up. Hell…put it on Monday. Let the show get a good following, then put it against some of the Friday programming. I hope they don’t pull it.. Oh…replace it with the Cape? That is like asking for to build you a Ferrari.

    NBC…basically.. No Brain Central.

  22. i am sick of NBC cancelling shows like Revolution Season 3 just when it was getting good, if they don’t like shows don’t air them let other networks air them now stop it NBC the shows you have on now are stupid i never watch them only news

  23. what is the american fascination with the undead, supernatural, comic book characters, and those disgusting “reality shows.” foreign tv pbs is light yrs above this mess don’t get yourknickers in a twit as i am an american, who just likes quality t,v which is why i usu watch hulu or rent dvd’s fr library. just on this s itecuz a friend wanted to know if it was coming back

  24. Keep Constantine! It’s fantasy and it’s nice for good to win over evil after a hard week. Please keep Constantine.

  25. Keep Constantine. I look forward to it every week, and feel like something is missing when it does not come on. Though sometimes I can’t watch the show when it comes on Friday night, I definitely DVR it and watch it as soon as I can Friday, or Saturday morning.
    Love this show!

  26. Keep Constatine. I love this show. I read the book and I love the show. Its entertaining and I love how he fights evil. Its a fantasy show but we fight evil everyday and its good to know that we have help. Fantasy, make believe or not. Its my Friday night entertainment. I watch Constatine, grimm and dateline NBC. Dont cancelle this show. What would i do NBC? You have NY full attention on Friday night.

  27. im from uk and both grimm and constantine are my fave programmes. although grimm has been a bit of a let down recently i absolutely love constantine

  28. Yes, I’m glad they’re going to air more episodes, but it’s such a long time to wait until January. I’d like to see them now and I want the writer’s to keep writing!

  29. Team Constantine. I would rush home just to watch this show. Please bring back Constantine as soon as possible! It has been one of the best shows I have watched in a very long time. I looked forward to after a long week watching this show.

  30. I love this TV Show and can’t wait for next season.
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  31. Folks,
    Many shows take a while before they hit their stride. I think you have a diamond in the rough here. Polish it a bit more. Please give Constantine a little more time.

  32. Every comment says they love the show. So do I. Why do they always get rid of the programs I love to watch. NBC needs to get there stuff together and renew this one. I hope these get to the attention of NBC


    Anf if NBC can’t make it work, I bet Netflix would pick it up in a New York second. Amazing show. The ability to binge watch it would make it just that much more smexy.

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