It’s here! Once again, The Beat has teamed with The Devastator magazine for the annual Indie Exhibitor Convention Mega Survey 2015.

This is an in-depth look at who is exhibiting, where they are exhibiting and how they are exhibiting at various pop culture shows across North America; whether con, CAF or autograph show.

It’s the third survey of its kind, and the results of last year’s survey as written up by the Devastator’s Amanda Meadows and Geoffrey Golden and can be read here. and my thoughts on it here. (And please donate a few bucks to Meadows and Golden if you haven’t already — this is hard, unpaid and necessary work, like much of the information about the comics industry.)

Here are the shows this survey covers:

If you’ve exhibited at one of these, whether as a creator, publisher or maker, please set aside a few minutes to take the survey. Getting more information about how and why shows are successful or not is of vital importance for this exploding business, and the Devastator/Beat survey is the most comprehensive non-biased source of information on this.