Must read: Convention Exhibitor Mega Survey shows what comics shows were most profitable for exhibitors

WOW. This is truly groundbreaking information. Mirthful culture Magazine The Devastator recently ran a poll asking exhibitors at various comics shows—from San Diego to SPX—how much money they made, where they exhibited and many other things. The results have been put into a fascinating infographic which we’ve only excerpted below. Go to the link to see ALL the info, including which shows made the most money, which are in decline and so on.

Among the findings:

• Exhibiting as an exhibitor as opposed to Artist Alley is more expensive but more lucrative over all.

• The more years you exhibit, the more money you make (maybe due ot having more product?)

• My takeaway from the above…PAY YOUR DUES AND HANG IN THERE.

• Although often thought of as a money spout show, SPX wasn’t that lucrative for the respondents.

• New shows Phoenix and Denver are definitely money makers for those who went there.

I’m sure there is much more to be gleaned—and argued about this—the comments there and here are open…GO.

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