Marvel Comics has released a first look at a new costume for Ms. Marvel. The redesigned costume makes its first appearance on the Eduard Petrovich-drawn cover to Magnificent Ms. Marvel #5:
Ms Marvel's new costume on the cover to Magnificent Ms. Marvel #5
The publisher also offered a look at the style sheet for the new suit, which was designed by series artist Minkyu Jung:
Ms. Marvel's new costume design sheet
The new suit incorporates elements of Kamala’s original costume as designed by artist Jamie McKelvie for the character’s debut in 2014, while giving the costume more intricate details. The otherworldly, almost armored look of the suit will tie in to the storyline that introduces it, hints writer Saladin Ahmed on Twitter:

“[A]ll I’ll say for now is that the groovy new costume, designed by Minkyu Jung, is related to Kamala’s adventures on another world,” Ahmed tweeted. Petrovich’s cover introducing the suit is also a clear homage to the cover to Secret Wars #8, on which Spider-Man, during an adventure on another world, debuts his alien black costume. It’s unclear at this point if the new costume is a permanent change or if it’s only for the duration of Ms. Marvel’s off-world adventures.
…look, change is hard, especially when that change is made to a costume as perfect as the one Jamie McKelvie designed. Kamala’s original look has already been adapted into other media, from action figures and bobbleheads to animation as part of Marvel Rising. And if a recent fan-film for Ms. Marvel proves nothing else, it’s that her costume looks good on film.
Check out the full release from Marvel for a glimpse into Jung’s design process, and let us know what you think of Ms. Marvel’s new duds.


  1. The mask is like Quasar’s mask from the costume Quasar had just prior and up to Cosmos In Collision. Faintly ironic given that
    Q-Ball succeeded Mar-Vell (I said faintly; I measure time by the Quasar series).
    Not a bad costume. The sashes are a bit silly, and their arrangement by Jung suggests a cape. I just think they’ll be McFarlane/Angela -esque. The big yellow S on the shoulder bag just looks like a boob strap or something, because the S should be on her chest. Definitely evokes the female and Ms Marvel but maybe too clever (?)

  2. “The publisher also offered a look at the style sheet for the new suit, which was designed by serious artist Minkyu Jung.”
    Thank goodness she’s not jovial!

  3. Nothing like making a design more complicated and more tedious to draw panel to panel… Not a great design to me, more like visual chaos.

  4. I hope it’s not permanent, the massive material lightning symbol is bizarre and the whole thing looks very impractical to wear. I don’t find it visually attractive.

  5. So it ditches the clean simplicity of the McKelvie design & the symbolism of her grandmother’s bracer for too many outlines & generic armor. Oh, and a bad you’ll totally be able to buy through WeLoveFine this summer.
    Insert Lindsay Ellis “Thanks, I hate it” GIF here.

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