We’re all for body confidence here at Stately Beat Manor, so go Simon Hanselmann! A lot of brides tone it down after getting married, but he is staying fabulous.


Meanwhile, tour mate Michael DeForge managed to MAKE A COMIC WHILE ON TOUR. Move over rest of the comics industry.

The Deforge/Hanselmann/Kyle tour is coming to a town near you.


  1. According to Fantagraphics, he (she?) was doing his (her?) “Paul Pope impression.” Simon is WAY too thin and WAY too fabulous to pull a Haspiel. Y’all gotta eat a lot of Wo Hop and grow chest hair to rock the Deenie-Weenie off his mantel.

  2. This was a nice effort… Truly was… But Haspiel is a combination of Hemingway, a bear rug and a comic book artist all rolled into one. This is hard to top. They don;t make real men like Haspiel anymore. He has no boundaries and no shirts.

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