privateeye8The good news is that a new issue of THE PRIVATE EYE is available. This webcomic by Brian K. Vaughan, Marcos Martin and Muntsa Vicente posits a world where an eruption in the cloud has made privacy the most valued social element.

Oh did you say “torn from today’s headlines”? When this started running last year it seemed a little far fetched but after the burst cloud has spilled all of our secrets, BKV looks prescient again.

THE PRIVATE EYE is run on a “pay what you want” DRM-free download scheme, and it seems that readers want to pay quite a bit. Vaughan announced that the book has already sold more than six figures in both issues and in dollars:

Even though readers can still pay whatever they want for our DRM-free files (including nothing!), artist Marcos Martin, colorist Muntsa Vicente and I are proud to reveal that The Private Eye is already well into the six figures for both issues downloaded AND dollars earned… and that’s without advertising, corporate backers, Comixology-like distributors, or even a Kickstarter campaign. It’s all because of small contributions from readers around the world, so sincere thanks again for your coverage of our ongoing experiment.

Given that there are NO MIDDLE men for The Private Eye, that’s six figures of pure profit for well deserving creators.

Vaughan has been teasing an expansion of the Panel Syndicate tem for a while, and in his email he noted:

And we’re also excited to say that we’ve just received the first issue of our NEXT new series at Panel Syndicate, by a very surprising creator we’ll be announcing soon. Stay tuned.  

For now, please enjoy Marcos’ striking cover for #8, featuring Gramps, an elderly Millennial struggling to make sense of the year 2076…



  1. “Given that there are NO MIDDLE men for The Private Eye, that’s six figures of pure profit for well deserving creators.”

    For tax reasons I hope not ;-)

    More seriously – this is great news.

  2. What Peter said. It’s bad enough when mainstream media outlets trumpet “Stan Lee’s Spider-Man” or “Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead,” but this a COMICS site and we can’t be cavalier about this kind of language in a headline. Not with the craven history of an industry built on the backs of artists in particular being royally screwed over when it comes to ownership while the non-drawing business-minded writers (Stan Lee, Bob Kane, Robert Kirkman) profit to a FAR higher degree than their CO-CREATORS. And no, I don’t think Bob Kane counts as an “artist” primarily, as his concern was clearly business, first and foremost, and he stopped drawing as soon as he could. Anyway, watch those headlines, Beat! You are framing the way everone thinks about creators’ ownership and this is THE issue in comic-books, now as always.

  3. Yeah, I agree with that. I understand the headline needing to be short, but it is a common and misleading choice to omit the artist/co-creator. And in this particular instance, I bought every issue if THE PRIVATE EYE because of Marcos Martin, not BKV (though his work on it is excellent too).

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